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Relapse Awareness Program


Are you tired of starting over?

Are you tired of knowing what the problem is but not solving it?


These are just two of the questions that you will work through and find answers to in the Relapse Awareness Program. Our experienced staff will come alongside you in your recovery journey and help challenge you to examine behaviors and develop coping skills related to recovery and relapse. This is accomplished through a series of lectures, workbook assignments, group process and real-life application. In addition, you will have an opportunity to focus on your individual needs with the assistance of your counselor.


The Relapse Awareness Program is a 26-week program for recovering individuals who are at risk for relapse or for those who wish to learn more about the dangers of relapse. 



For you to understand the relapse process and relapse symptomology and develop the ability to take appropriate action to maintain sobriety.



By the end of the Relapse Awareness Program, you will:

  • Understand relapse as a process rather than an event

  • Have a clear understanding of your own relapse potential

  • List typical warning signs of relapse

  • Identify personal warning signs of relapse

  • Identify potential high risk situations

  • Identify personal high risk situations and develop appropriate strategies for coping with them

  • Develop appropriate personal strategies to intercept the relapse process before drinking/drugging occurs

  • Identify appropriate ways to handle urges and cravings

  • Practice appropriate ways to handle social pressure to use alcohol or drugs

  • Explore the effect feelings have on sobriety

  • Understand how anger affects sobriety and can lead to relapse

  • Understand anger management within the context of relapse

  • Understand the importance of self-esteem for personal growth

  • Evaluate your own strengths and weakness in recovery

  • Identify personal goals

  • Formulate specific plans for supporting future recovery processes

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